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February 13, 2010

The Truth About Colossians 2:16-17


There are those who feel that the Holy Days of God, are all done away by one Scripture in Col. 2:16-17. It is time we asked ourselves a simple question. What do these two verses really say? “Let no man judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body (is) of Christ.”

First of all it says… ‘let no man judge you.’ That is certainly clear. Don’t let any man upset you, pointing a finger at you, judging you and saying you are in error. What was it that no man was to be allowed to judge you about? ‘In meat or in drink’…the margin shows the meaning of the Greek to be ‘in eating and drinking.’ Thus the judging against you had to do with something you would be doing. It would be ‘eating and drinking.’ But was it to be the normal daily eating and drinking? Let us take care to notice it was ‘in respect of’ particular days. These days elsewhere in the Bible are identified as ‘feast’ days. See Lev. 23:1-2. The margin shows that phrase ‘in respect of’ means ‘part’ or in other words don’t let any man judge you for that part of the Holy Day festivities regarding eating and drinking.

So far that doesn’t sound as if those Holy Days listed are ‘done away.’ On the contrary, Christians were eating and drinking as God intended should be done when observing His feast days.

Why were Christians told to not be troubled while they observed the loving festivities of a feast of God? Troubled by those who would point a finger at the manner in which those days were being observed. Carefully note why. Those days ‘which are shadows of things to come.’ These Holy Days were NOT memorials of past events, but shadows looking FORWARD to the future, things to come.

How is a shadow formed? There has to be a source of light, an object that is real upon which that light shines, and the result is a shadow opposite the source of light. The shadow being opposite leads toward the reality and toward the light, both of which have caused the shadow to be produced.

The feast days of God outline His plan of salvation for all mankind. Christ is the source of LIGHT. His Spirit enlightens the mind of the true Christian to the future reality which each Holy Day pictures. The shadow always points toward the reality and the light source.

Sabbath keepers know these Scriptures do not do away with the weekly seventh day Sabbath even though the Sabbath is specifically mentioned. God has revealed to all the Sabbath keepers this writer knows that the weekly Sabbath rest FORESHADOWS the reality of the 1000 year millennial rest this earth will enjoy when our Savior, the source of LIGHT, returns. Likewise, the annual Holy Days FORESHADOW the whole of God’s plan of salvation, step by step, event by event. It is so clear that these Scriptures uphold the observance of these days; they do not do away with them.

What about ‘the body (is) of Christ?’ If you will notice, the word ‘is’ is in italics. That means it was added by the translators to try to clarify the passage of Scripture. Yet the phrase is strikingly clear without it. “But the body of Christ.” The body of Christ is the Church of God. Read Col. 1:18 and Eph. 1:22-23.

Christians are not to allow any man to judge them in how they observe the festivities of God’s Holy Days, but are to let the Church of God – the body of Christ – teach them how to properly observe them to the glory of Christ, the very Head of the Body, the Church.

Let us rejoice at the precious TRUTH of God’s Holy Days revealed by the very Spirit of God to His people as He promised to those who would turn to Him. Those promises are found in I Cor. 2:10 and II Cor. 3:14 and 16.


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